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NEWS, EVENTS, VIDEOS To view more videos about western life, including the High Noon Tea series, visit these links, and subscribe to my YouTube channel "The Art of Western Living"  watch your old favorites and discover something new. 



They feature my wildlife art and my original recipes, the wild animals in my backyard, the antics of our horses, and much more about real life in the modern wild west.  All produced from our mountain homestead-with love!

This was a fun interview  on  "Voices of the West"

IMG_0897 - Copy - Copy.JPG

My interview from across the pond with the UK's Emma Hardcastle.

Due to Covid, all my personal appearances and events have been cancelled.  As soon as venues open again, I will reschedule my events.  Thank you for understanding.

                         High Noon Tea #3

Have questions about life in the west?  Nancy Quinn has answers, join her for tea, from her mountain in Montana! Find out about life in the country, birds of prey, cougars, and a new tea recommendation in this episode.


I truly appreciate every question I receive and I read all the comments.  Please feel welcome  to write me.                                   

                   High Noon Tea #2

Love tea and rural life? You have questions, I have answers.

This cranberry cake recipe is so good, even for breakfast!

Are you Smarter than a Snowstorm? 

Experience the challenges of a winter snowstorm on a Montana mountain, with wildlife artist/author Nancy Quinn and her family. Watch how they cope with mercurial Mother Nature.

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Montana Skies

Breathtaking views from our front porch.

   Meet Wilson!

   Our cute and comical horse.

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