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Join the conversation! We discussed my latest Montana misadventures on  Blog Talk Radio  Enjoy western adventure without getting your boots muddy while we talked about the “crime wave”, fickle weather, nosy bears, curious cougars, mischievous chipmunks, and so much more.  It’s wild times among the wildlife of the Wild West. Listen to all the programs in this series, here are a few.


      It's my High Mountain Homesteading helpful household hints!  

          We talked about gardening with hay bales, bees, and funny animal stories.

          I also shared some Police Blotter entries and we talked about old west Saloon's

          facts you never knew!

We had a lot of fun testing our "Bear Smarts", and offered some great suggestions on how to overcome our individual fears. The benefits of the dandelion was also a topic of discussion, and a funny critter story! Catch up on the news!

A full hour of News from the Moutain.

Get updates about the horses and wildlife, and our topic is Pioneer medicine.


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